Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Noble New Yorkers

I've been receiving comments recently about where has the Noble New Yorker posts have gone. I have been seeing a lot of Noble New Yorkers recently. That is not the issue. I must say I am a victim to the job search, which has taken over most of my free time. Although not taking the time to recognize these New Yorkers and their nobleness has resulted in somewhat of a lack of appreciation for their kindness. Which needs to be adjusted. And so I begin again my quest to show the world that New Yorkers aren't as cold and rude as legend has it.

First off I was in Chipotle a couple of weeks ago and had opened the door to leave and three guys just burst in the door I had just opened as if I was holding it open for them. Which if I have been taught correctly is not how the door holding situation usually works. In that moment I began to miss the south where men where gentlemen and would hold the door open for a woman such as myself. And then the third man saw we standing there holding the door and walked back outside and held the door open for me. I was very surprised by his gesture and it made my day. I left with a smile on my face.

The other day I was on the subway when a man with a cane walks on and heads for an open seat. Just as he gets to the open seat a young girl takes it herself. And he hobbles back to the corner so he can be supported by the subway walls. Just then a young man asks his girlfriend if she would mind standing, both then proceed to stand up and let the man sit down instead.

While at Bed Bath and Beyond, my friend Alex dropped a $10 bill while pulling out his credit card to pay for his purchases and the cashier immediately told him that the bill was on the floor and that he should pick it up quickly. A simple gesture but a nice one all the same.

That's all I've got for you right now but I will have more.

Steph Elise Haller

Monday, February 25, 2013


Every fashionista loves the Red Carpet at the Oscars! Although if you are anything like me you are secretly or not so secretly jealous of those gorgeous dresses they get to wear. I narrowed it down to my top 5 best dressed for the evening and here they are. 

1.  Naomi Watts in Georgio Armani. By far my favorite look of the night!

2. Halle Berry in Versace. One of the more bold looks of the evening. 

3. Jessica Chastain in Georgio Armani. Love the blush color with her skin and that hair color! 

4. Stacey Keibler in Naeem Khan. Stunning. 

5. Daniel Day Lewis in Dominico Vacca. He wore navy instead of all black and I liked it. Despite the fact that I said I was not a fan of the Navy and Black combo a few posts ago, I have to say he looked great!

What do you guys think?

Steph Elise Haller 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Artist Collab

I love the presentation of this collection. The background illustrations give so much life to the story being told by the garments. This kind of artist collaboration should be more prevalent. Red Valentino I am in love!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentino! Wow!

Senior year we were told to define our style, so that we could be more easily recognized. I decided I was going to work harder to wear what I love which is menswear inspired looks, edgy, geometric. But I have to admit to all my readers that I am a sucker for girly things sometimes, it's true. And Valentino's Couture show is stunning. It is perfectly girl and elegant, yet sleek.

The words I choose will not do it justice so just check it out for yourself. 

So do you agree? Beautiful right?!

Steph Elise

Monday, January 21, 2013

Step it up Men!

Most guys who care about fashion at all complain that there aren't enough options for men. In some ways I agree, and I'm a little envious of their lack of options. Menswear intrigues me because it is such a challenge to design. As an androgynous girl I love looking at all the menswear runway shows that are happening right now and I have to say Louis Vuitton put out some pretty stunning suits! So boys get on it! I want to see someone wearing one of these suit jackets!


And where I think guys really have room to shine is outerwear! I may be biased because outerwear is my favorite part of fashion but it can really be a statement piece for those of you who are too scared to go with a  crazy outfit all day


This coat is amazing!

Dries Van Noten rocks! Love both of these coats. And the one on the right is totally wearable. So get on your game guys!

Look at those pants!!!

I think I may have to stop looking now or my whole next paycheck will go to re-outfitting my boyfriend! 

Food for thought men, food for thought! 

Steph Elise 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Best Dressed Golden Globes

Alright I am going to keep this short and sweet since I'm sure so many of you have read about best and worst dressed at the Golden Globes already.

I have it narrowed down to my two favorites. Feel free to put in your two cents!

1. Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen


2. Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen

I think that they both looked amazing in Alexander McQueen. Elegant, yet edgy. Neither showing too much skin but enough to make it sexy. I think Alexander McQueen definitely hit a home run at the Golden Globes this year. Because these two outfits stole the night. Just ask Leah Michelle, she was visibly in awe of Kate Hudson when she walked on stage.

Congrats Kate and Nicole! You looked amazing!

Steph Elise Haller

Stumbled Upon Greatness...

Today I went to Style.com to look at the Pre-Fall Collections. And while I was on Style.com I stumbled up video's from Spring '13. These weren't ordinary runway videos, they were short concept films for the designers. I want to share my favorite one with you.

The video put me in a transe and even though it was abstract I knew I was going to love the collection. Upon viewing the collection I was even more in love. 

Truth be told I may be obsessed with this collection for a while. It's so unique and fun!

Steph Elise Haller