Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Does anyone else struggle with Subject lines in emails or titles for Posts. For some reason this is the hardest part of the whole thing. I feel like it needs to be good, because if it isn't then people may not read it. So did 'inspiring' work for you.

Starting out a career in fashion after graduating I had no idea that I would spend so much time in front of the computer everyday. In school we worked on the computer, but it was broken up with hand sketching, pattern making, sewing, reading, eating, watching tv, hanging out with friends, sleeping. Rarely did I sit in front of the computer for 8 hours, and if I did it was often with friends in a coffee shop or in my apartment where I could get up and wander around or listen to music loudly while I worked. But at work you have to be professional and sit there for hours. So my friend, Alexis, told me she listens to stand up comedy while she works and I loved that suggestion. However, if you know me at all, you know I love to laugh and I laugh a lot. Stand up comedy proved to be me laughing to myself at my desk a lot. And after a week or two I started hearing the same routines over and over again. I needed something else to occupy my time.

This is where TED talks came in. I stumbled up this one. And before I talk about it I think everyone in the fashion industry or with a dislike of the fashion industry should take the time to watch it.

I think most of you probably didn't watch it. But if you did you probably feel the way I do. It was so refreshing to me after working only a few months in this industry to see/hear a different type of beauty. I thought his images as well as his models were stunning. 

Thank you Rick Guidotti for having the courage to show the world what we are overlooking.

Steph Elise Haller

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