Friday, October 19, 2012


As I woke up today it was rainy which I love rainy days in New York. The whole city feels more serene, there are a lot less people on the streets on my walk to work and it's much quieter. I always wish I was in Caillebotte's Paris in the Rain painting.

Sometimes I wish we are still dressed this way. The rain creates a mood for me and I love to see how people wear their rain gear in a fashionable way.


Look at those rainboots! More like rain heels (which I never even knew existed)!

Love the bright red rainboots!

Look at this gem of a find:

Princess Diana sporting Hunters.
Blame it on the rain, such great "statement" boots in both senses of the word "statement".

Next time it rains I hope we all try something new and show off our rainy day style!

Steph Elise

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