Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Noble New Yorkers #1

Since I'm making up for time I am just going to post a few from the past few months:

- On my way to Macy's there was a homeless man who always sat outside the subway stop. One day I looked over and a man opened up his briefcase and gave the homeless man his sandwich. This happened two or three more times. 

- I was getting on the subway and when I went to swipe my subway card it said "insufficient fare" so I was about to turn around to go put more money on it when a guy behind me swiped his card and motioned for me to go. He had paid for my subway fare. 

- What looked like a homeless man was riding the subway in his wheelchair, he held a piece of paper with directions on it. A man was about to get off the subway and he turned to the homeless man and said it's just 3 more stops then you get off and ... (giving him the rest of the directions). It wasn't anything big but I thought  it was great how he checked up to make sure he knew where he was going before he left the train. 
     - The same homeless man went to get off of the subway and his wheel got stuck in the gap between the          train and the platform and without missing a beat this man grabbed the front of his chair and the man's wife grabbed the back and they helped him to get unstuck. 

- There is a blind man who goes to the same coffee shop every morning, and on multiple occassions I have seen people help him, even though I'm sure he knows where he is going. Also the staff always see's him coming and comes out, takes his arm and leads him in. 

- To go off the last one I saw a woman ask a blindman if he needed help crossing street near Penn Station, some of the busiest streets in the city, and carry on a conversation with him as they walked. 

That's all I can remember right now. But no matter how small it warms my heart. 

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