Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentino! Wow!

Senior year we were told to define our style, so that we could be more easily recognized. I decided I was going to work harder to wear what I love which is menswear inspired looks, edgy, geometric. But I have to admit to all my readers that I am a sucker for girly things sometimes, it's true. And Valentino's Couture show is stunning. It is perfectly girl and elegant, yet sleek.

The words I choose will not do it justice so just check it out for yourself. 

So do you agree? Beautiful right?!

Steph Elise

Monday, January 21, 2013

Step it up Men!

Most guys who care about fashion at all complain that there aren't enough options for men. In some ways I agree, and I'm a little envious of their lack of options. Menswear intrigues me because it is such a challenge to design. As an androgynous girl I love looking at all the menswear runway shows that are happening right now and I have to say Louis Vuitton put out some pretty stunning suits! So boys get on it! I want to see someone wearing one of these suit jackets!


And where I think guys really have room to shine is outerwear! I may be biased because outerwear is my favorite part of fashion but it can really be a statement piece for those of you who are too scared to go with a  crazy outfit all day


This coat is amazing!

Dries Van Noten rocks! Love both of these coats. And the one on the right is totally wearable. So get on your game guys!

Look at those pants!!!

I think I may have to stop looking now or my whole next paycheck will go to re-outfitting my boyfriend! 

Food for thought men, food for thought! 

Steph Elise 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Best Dressed Golden Globes

Alright I am going to keep this short and sweet since I'm sure so many of you have read about best and worst dressed at the Golden Globes already.

I have it narrowed down to my two favorites. Feel free to put in your two cents!

1. Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen


2. Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen

I think that they both looked amazing in Alexander McQueen. Elegant, yet edgy. Neither showing too much skin but enough to make it sexy. I think Alexander McQueen definitely hit a home run at the Golden Globes this year. Because these two outfits stole the night. Just ask Leah Michelle, she was visibly in awe of Kate Hudson when she walked on stage.

Congrats Kate and Nicole! You looked amazing!

Steph Elise Haller

Stumbled Upon Greatness...

Today I went to to look at the Pre-Fall Collections. And while I was on I stumbled up video's from Spring '13. These weren't ordinary runway videos, they were short concept films for the designers. I want to share my favorite one with you.

The video put me in a transe and even though it was abstract I knew I was going to love the collection. Upon viewing the collection I was even more in love. 

Truth be told I may be obsessed with this collection for a while. It's so unique and fun!

Steph Elise Haller 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Black and Blue

The Backstreet Boy's named an album after these two colors. Ingrid Michaelson just put out and album in which my favorite song is Black and Blue. Both good reasons for me to really like the combination, yet I don't completely understand the appeal. I love black, it's modern and edgy. But blue, has never been one of my favorites. I think I hold some hostility towards the colors blue and pink because of their association with girls and boys. Why do girls have to like pink and boys have to like blue. It's crazy.

I'm realizing that the trend of black and blue (specifically navy) is pretty huge. They are calling it the "it" trend. It's taking to the streets and the runways like mad. I don't wish to offend anyone but I am not sure I am on board with this trend.

Carolina Herrera                                             Preen

These looks I can almost get behind because the blue is quite blue.

But looks like this where they are so close in color, it just makes me feel like someone made the mistake we have all made backstage and accidently thought navy was black, or black was navy and then when the models got on the runway they were like oh shoot this isn't right.


Don't get me wrong I actually love this outfit, just wish the colors were different.

That's my fashion rant for the day. Who know's maybe next week I'll try it out and see how I feel, but for now I am holding out.

How do you feel? Would you do it? Have you done it?


Steph Elise

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jet Setting

I am obsessed with traveling. Really. It's sometimes not a good thing. As you can imagine most of my collections happen to be based off of traveling, places I've been or places I dream of going. Many designers are inspired by travel just as I am.

Check out this Chanel collection that was inspired by Pan Am. Which was a great show and I am very sad that it did not last for more than one season. But that's off track. This fashion show called "Air Chanel" was so awesome, made to look like they were inside an airplane.

And this Louis Vuitton ad, which I think is one of my favorite ads (I ripped it out of a magazine the second I saw it and have had it pinned to the wall of my room ever since) was set on a train. Man I wish everyone looked this glamorous when they traveled.

Honestly I could do a whole blog post about Louis Vuitton ads. Especially their accessory ads which focus on travel. Maybe some day I will own a set of Louis Vuitton luggage and when I do I will take awesome photos of me with my LV luggage all over the world.

Steph Elise


I love hair. It is the one thing about yourself that you can change and it will always grow back. So I love to play around with my hair. I have yet to do a super unconventional color but it's such a trend right now and I am loving it. So who knows what the future might hold for this hair of mine.
This is a little out there but super inspiring.
I love the dip dye effect! If only I had long hair like this. This is truly stunning.
A little more subtle. But those colors are so vibrant.

As for my own hair, I have been obsessed with Kelly Osborn's hair color ever since she dyed it and every time I go to get my hair done I ask for this color. They always say they can't do it. More like I think they are scared it's not what I really want. Looks like I may have to take manors into my own hands!!!
It's great, right?! How do you think it would look on me?

Or I found this picture yesterday and could be persuased to do something like this...

Comment below and give me your opinion! I could really use it. I think it's time for a hair change up for the new year.

Steph Elise