Thursday, November 1, 2012


As most of you know Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast hard this week! In preparation for the storm, Adrienne and I headed to our friends place in Midtown for a Hurricane Party. We figured if we were to get stuck somewhere might as well get stuck with friends and have a good time. It felt almost as if the Hurricane didn't hit us where we were with some wind gusts that were only noticeable by looking at the one tree we could see out the window, and rain! But as we watched the news we saw the devastation that had hit much on Manhattan, including power outages for the whole lower Manhattan! Of course we had to explore. We walked down to the darkness and experienced a whole different NYC, it was almost apocalyptic  We waded through puddles of water inches deep to see taxis submerged in water, trees blown down by the wind, signs blown off store fronts. Turns out we were the lucky ones, still with power and having a great time hanging out with friends, learning more about each other with every day. These boys have let us stay with them for almost a week due to power being out in my apartment, and I am super grateful. As I have walked downtown to my apartment to pick up extra clothes and such I have seen people huddled near Starbucks just  to get wifi, and people inside banks just to charge their phones. Here are just a few photos of Manhattan post Sandy!

Windows taped up. 

In the middle of 6th Ave because no one was out in the streets.

All the water I prepared incase my power went out. 

Tree's out of the ground. 

People lining up at the fire hydrant to get water. 

The dark streets, due to power outages all throughout the city.

People sitting in the ATM's to charge their phones. 

If you would like to donate to Hurricane Relief efforts in the Northeast here is a link,


Steph Elise Haller

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