Monday, January 21, 2013

Step it up Men!

Most guys who care about fashion at all complain that there aren't enough options for men. In some ways I agree, and I'm a little envious of their lack of options. Menswear intrigues me because it is such a challenge to design. As an androgynous girl I love looking at all the menswear runway shows that are happening right now and I have to say Louis Vuitton put out some pretty stunning suits! So boys get on it! I want to see someone wearing one of these suit jackets!


And where I think guys really have room to shine is outerwear! I may be biased because outerwear is my favorite part of fashion but it can really be a statement piece for those of you who are too scared to go with a  crazy outfit all day


This coat is amazing!

Dries Van Noten rocks! Love both of these coats. And the one on the right is totally wearable. So get on your game guys!

Look at those pants!!!

I think I may have to stop looking now or my whole next paycheck will go to re-outfitting my boyfriend! 

Food for thought men, food for thought! 

Steph Elise 

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