Thursday, January 3, 2013


I love hair. It is the one thing about yourself that you can change and it will always grow back. So I love to play around with my hair. I have yet to do a super unconventional color but it's such a trend right now and I am loving it. So who knows what the future might hold for this hair of mine.
This is a little out there but super inspiring.
I love the dip dye effect! If only I had long hair like this. This is truly stunning.
A little more subtle. But those colors are so vibrant.

As for my own hair, I have been obsessed with Kelly Osborn's hair color ever since she dyed it and every time I go to get my hair done I ask for this color. They always say they can't do it. More like I think they are scared it's not what I really want. Looks like I may have to take manors into my own hands!!!
It's great, right?! How do you think it would look on me?

Or I found this picture yesterday and could be persuased to do something like this...

Comment below and give me your opinion! I could really use it. I think it's time for a hair change up for the new year.

Steph Elise

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