Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jet Setting

I am obsessed with traveling. Really. It's sometimes not a good thing. As you can imagine most of my collections happen to be based off of traveling, places I've been or places I dream of going. Many designers are inspired by travel just as I am.

Check out this Chanel collection that was inspired by Pan Am. Which was a great show and I am very sad that it did not last for more than one season. But that's off track. This fashion show called "Air Chanel" was so awesome, made to look like they were inside an airplane.

And this Louis Vuitton ad, which I think is one of my favorite ads (I ripped it out of a magazine the second I saw it and have had it pinned to the wall of my room ever since) was set on a train. Man I wish everyone looked this glamorous when they traveled.

Honestly I could do a whole blog post about Louis Vuitton ads. Especially their accessory ads which focus on travel. Maybe some day I will own a set of Louis Vuitton luggage and when I do I will take awesome photos of me with my LV luggage all over the world.

Steph Elise

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